The subscription contest πŸ€‘

Well, or something like that. Right now it’s about who subscribed to what and why. I like that, because I’m always looking for good and helpful services.

Here are a few of my subscriptions - no idea if they are all.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 20GB Photo: A must have for me. Post-processing photos is a hell of a lot of fun with Lightroom.
  • Amazon Prime: Well, we end up ordering quite a bit and I use Prime Video as well.
  • Brand New: A website dedicated to all things logo changes. I like the layout, how they approach it, and the timeliness. I like supporting the folks there.
  • Carrd: I’ve hosted a couple of very good one-pagers here.
  • Fastmail: My new mail provider, which is and may be the successor to and HEY. This is also somehow @maique’s “fault”.
  • GEZ: The broadcasting fee. Mandatory program in Germany, I can’t get out of it. And I neither listen to the radio nor watch normal TV.
  • Inoreader: For me the best feed reader. Top features, very good smartphone app, perfect.
  • Letterboxd: Next to Trakt, my main go-to for tracking what movies I’ve seen and want to see.
  • Medium: Yes, I’m also on Medium and I like the service. For some niches it offers great articles and for reading then I just pay. (Yes, I could also switch to private mode in the browser all the time, but…).
  • Probably my first port of call when I wake the smartphone up early from flight mode.
  • mymind: My web storage space. Everything I find on the web or want to save from my hard drive ends up there. The AI tags the whole thing excellently and in addition the UI is fantastic. (Unfortunately extremely expensive.)
  • Norton 360: My virus scanner of choice for me and my wife’s devices.
  • This is where I hosted I’m really only there because of @maique. He’s also to blame for me falling for the Adobe subscription. And he is to blame for the following mailbrew subscription. πŸ˜‚
  • Penzu: My (online) diary.
  • Speed Dial 2: This tool presents me with a nice home screen in Firefox with tiles that sync across multiple devices through the subscription.
  • Spotify: The best recommendations and the largest catalog.

Unstable candidate:

  • Headspace: I fell for the Black Friday offer. The service is great, I just use it too infrequently.
  • Nimbus Note: I think I’ll stick with Evernote in the free version after all. I use these powerful tools too infrequently.
  • Tidal: A really great sound experience and currently I have 3 months for one euro. But… another 10 euros a month on top of the Spotify costs? No, I think not.


  • HEY: The world’s best email service. That’s a fact. I’ve never had more fun and pleasure editing mails than with HEY. But I prefer to save the money.
  • Mailbrew: Never really used it. I still prefer the classic feed reader called Inoreader.
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