Small family development.

For my very young daughter, I was always number one. For a little over 2 years. Until a few days ago. Now mum is number one. I am not allowed to do many things anymore. I’m not as interesting anymore. When something hurts, she runs to her first - before it was always me. I am no longer allowed to put her down at night and when I brush her teeth she cries on principle, no matter how well I do it or what distraction I have at hand.

I know the whole thing from my big daughter, although she has always been more fixated on mum.

Now it could be because I’m feeling worse and worse and of course everyone notices that and children react differently, or it’s just a phase.

I don’t know. I know you shouldn’t worry about it. But how can you not worry in these times?

Now I have made a drama out of what is probably a very normal thing.

Thanks for reading.

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe

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