No Time to Die (2021) Review 🍿

The long awaited farewell of Daniel Craig as James Bond has finally found its way into the still open movie theaters.

The big screen shows breathtaking scenery, skillfully captured action and great emotions.

No Time to Die attempts to tie together the strands of the previous Craig flicks, and it certainly succeeds. And although it doesn’t seem like it was ever planned to end this way, the development of this character and the story is enjoyable.

For my part, I should have re-watched the previous films beforehand, as I didn’t really understand many an allusion and perhaps didn’t appreciate one or two scenes adequately. On the other hand, the film worked quite well on its own. One rhymes then just something together.

What I personally didn’t like: Craig seemed a bit too old for the role in this film. The action with him was much more leisurely than in the previous films, for example. I also couldn’t stand the new 007. She had absolutely zero charisma. Quite in contrast to Ana de Armas, who was the highlight of the film in the 10 minutes of screentime, and not only because of her dress. Her role was incredible. Her interplay with Craig was fantastic. I loved how they drank together, how they acted and then how Ana took out a couple of antagonists at the end of her short stint. Like many before me, I wish I could see more of her.

The story told here is a game of intrigue, love and drama. It all basically works together wonderfully. First and foremost, the dramatic part once again took a much larger place, which I appreciated due to the impending end of the Craig era.

I had fun with the film, I was entertained, I didn’t like some scenes and I hated the ending. Anyway. All in all, what came was kind of inevitable. And in that respect, somehow everything was done right.

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